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We have perfected some of the world’s most spectacular destinations. We know there are no shortcuts to any place worth going, and that’s why we take you on journeys – not just to places. Our clients are the bold and the adventurous; and we offer a sense of immersive exploration unlike any other.
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Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Our 2021 voyage calendar will set sail to the heart of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat; that with its thousands of isles, pristine water and rugged landscape offers ample opportunity for adventure which will entice our members with its charms. Our experienced team will take you on an intrepid exploration of the Pacific Ocean including areas such as Misool, Waisai and Wayag. Travel in by private Jet to Waisai and be whisked off by a high-speed boat pick-up to start your next adventure.

Turkey & Greece, The Aegean
Our next adventure will take you to the Aegean sea. The Aegean has been explored since ancient days, and yet it offers innumerable islands, coves, villages, and vistas for the intrepid traveller to explore. The Turquoise Coast is one of Europe’s most unspoilt destinations, as it winds around the islets and beach towns throughout Turkey and Greece.

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The crystal-clear Turquoise Coast is one of the most legendary, largely unspoilt destinations. It offers an area along the Aegean Sea that boasts authentic, picturesque villages and exceptional cuisine. With its whitewashed houses and cobbled streets, and traditional crafts, it is a little slice of Mediterranean paradise seeped in vibrant culture and history – from the ancient to the more modern.

Current Journey

Raja Ampat

When one imagines the most beautiful places on Earth, there are few that leave such unforgettable memories as the clear blue waters of Raja Ampat in Indonesia. A paradise largely untouched by the hand of man, there is a variety of coral like one can find nowhere else. Of fish, you see marine diversity at the highest possible level. On this journey you will enjoy a variety of watersports, outstanding cuisine, friendly people and inviting, tranquil beaches.

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We have perfected the world’s best destinations and we will work with you to create a once in a lifetime custom journey. Avid ocean lovers and intrepid explorers alike can set their own pace and tailor their experience according to their specific interest, whether it be culinary hotspots in the most beautiful locations, marine wildlife education or full on water adventures. We will build the perfect itinerary designed just for you.

“Seeing fireflies light up a jungle while paddleboarding in a hidden salt water archipelago, is priceless. Climbing a mountain just for the view, is living. Going on an underwater safari to be one with your thoughts, is life-changing.”
Sean Galleymore


Leave every detail of your journey to our team, who will curate an utterly bespoke experience for you based on your interests and desires. Contact our team of experts to reserve, or explore ways to tailor your journey: