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Our reputation is built on the consistency of our impeccable service, which is grounded in the training we deliver in shaping excellent masters and commanders of yachts and ships. Meridian Adventure SAIL prides itself on delivering a world-class experience for all its guests. This is achieved through regular drills and highly purposed accreditation, ensuring qualified crew not only have trusted navigational expertise of oceans but also firm knowledge of all adventure activities and best practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

We do this through the Meridian Adventure Academy

The Meridian Adventure Academy is focused on delivering a complete maritime education to the highest standards, with comprehensive theoretical and practical training. Each year only a few candidates are selected to join the Academy. The 21-month programme has been created and is steered by founder, Sean Galleymore. His revolutionary and multi-disciplined Academy ensures that those completing the programme become qualified skippers, with an employment contract, an income and lifetime career ahead of them. The best candidates are offered a contract with the Meridian Adventure SAIL Fleet to operate our yachts in various pristine regions around the world. These candidates are mentored and developed into industry leaders as the company progresses them with a career path that leads to their formal education peaking at Master Unlimited.

The foundation of


More than a sailing school, the Academy ensures cadets learn: the importance of excellence in their tasks; to take pride in their work; and, to respect the chain of command. The Academy provides those who enlist with the leadership skills and principles that will guide them through life, with a deep respect for the ocean. Succeeding in the Meridian Adventure cadetship means excelling at one of the toughest and most revered maritime academies in the world.

The Meridian Adventure Academy is focused on delivering a complete maritime education, with comprehensive theoretical and practical training, to the highest standard. A structured cadetship is offered through the academy, integrating intense theory modules with periods of practical training at sea. Cadets are mentored and developed into industry leaders, as the company progresses them along a career path that sees their formal education peak at Master Unlimited.


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The programme



The prospective cadets undergo 3 months of intense introductory and safety training in Siğacik, Turkey. Those who qualify, will join one of the Meridian Adventure SAIL Fleets to further their training, and start their intensive practical programme.

Training Vessel

Meridian Adventure SAIL has various sail and motor vessels that are used for cadet training.  These vessels include: various power boats from 4 to 10 metres in length; 10 metre racing sail boats; and, 19 metre luxury catamarans. The range of vessels ensures that cadets gain the most experience possible to fine tune their skills.

Training Material

Each cadet is issued with a personal set of training material, including digital training material and access to dedicated applications, which provide them with every possible learning aid.

Accommodation & Living

Cadets are accommodated either on board a training vessel or ashore in dedicated accommodation facilities, for the duration of the programme. All meals are provided for and cadets, that qualify to continue the cadetship after 3 months, receive a monthly allowance for recreation.


Cadets are all issued with a Meridian Adventure Uniform. The uniform is: designed for the specific needs of sailing; is of a high quality; is comfortable; and, cadets feel proud representing Meridian Adventure while wearing it.

The cadet will earn the


Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Course For Catering
Silver Service Certificate
PADI Open Water Diver Certificate
Yacht Rating Certificate
VHF Radio Operator Certificate
Approved Engine Course 1 (AEC 1)
Approved Engine Course 2 (AEC 2)
IYT Master of Yacht Limited Certificate
IYT Master of Yacht Unlimited Certificate
Efficient Deck Hand (EDH)



Certificate of Competency in Safety
Certificate of Competency in Service & Galley
Certificate of Competency in Sailing, Navigation, Spars & Rigging
Certificate of Competency in Deck & Interior
Certificate of Competency in Engineering
Certificate of Competency in Guest Services

Meridian Adventure Academy


The Meridian Adventure Academy delivers a fully sponsored cadet training programme to a select number of applicants which will include the following:

3 months dedicated training
18 month practical cadetship
Variety of training vessels
Providing confidence and skills
Instilling ethics of discipline
Uniform, accommodation, meals etc
Multiple Certificates of Competence by Meridian Adventure
10 Internationally recognised industry qualifications





Start your career at Meridian Adventure Academy, for a lifetime of adventure and exploration on the high seas in various pristine regions across the world.


Leave every detail of your journey to our team, who will curate an utterly bespoke experience for you based on your interests and desires. Contact our team of experts to reserve, or explore ways to tailor your journey: